Massage Starts at $45,$65,$95 and up
Thirty, sixty or ninety minutes of massage. Swedish massage is ideal for pure relaxation. Deep Tissue, Pressure Point Therapy, Reflexology and Sports Massage are also available. Ask your service provider.

Pregnancy Massage starts at $45, $65
Gentle Swedish Massage techniques are used for relaxation and stress relief for mom’s-to-be. This massage incorporates hot steam towels are applied to the feet, followed by an ultimate foot massage. Enjoy 30 or 60 minutes of pure bliss!

Chair Massage starts at $30.00
Positioned comfortably in our massage chair, this treatment focuses on releasing tension in commonly stressed areas, such as shoulders, neck and back.

Reflexology $45.00
This theory focuses on areas in the hands and feet that correspond to glands, organs, and parts of the body. Pressure point massage in these areas stimulates mental, emotional and physical well being in the entire body.

Ultimate Reflexology Starts at $65.00
Reflexology is just the beginning of this service. After reflexology is performed the lower legs and feet are exfoliated and a masque Applied. While the masque is penetrating, nourishing herbs and vitamins to the skin of your lower legs and feet you get the added benefit of a hand massage. After the masque is removed you get a final massage of the lower legs and feet to complete this service.

Hot stones, aromatherpy, or deep muscle massage may be added to any 30 minute or 60 minute massage for an additional charge starting at $15.00

Treatment Etiquette

  • All treatments are scheduled to allow you to relax for a couple of minutes and arise from the treatment with ease.
  • You will be professionally draped during your treatment. However, we do have individual spa wear for you or you are welcome to bring a bathing suit if you so desire.
  • You may wish to complete your Facial, Massage or Spa service with a hairstyle as product can get into the hair. When scheduling your service ask for a Shampoo & Style appointment with a stylist.
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Gift Certificates
When looking for that perfect gift, a gift certificate will be forever appreciated. Everyone loves to be pampered. Keep it in mind.

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