Starts at $38.00
Our exceptionally trained service providers are here to assist you with all of your skin care and makeup needs. A specialized makeup lesson and application is great for Brides, teens or anyone who needs a new look.

ear piercing starts at $20.00
Includes earrings


From eyebrows down to your toes, our method of hair removal is a simple and safe removal system that eliminates the hair bulb and entire hair shaft. An effective way to remove unwanted hair quickly and safely. Let our experienced service providers rid you of that unwanted hair.

Facial wax (does not include brows) $32.00
Brows 16.00
Lip 15.00
Underarms 28.00
Arms 58.00
Back 55.00
Full Legs (does not include bikini) 64.00
Lower legs 42.00
Bikini 37.00
Brazilian Bikini 57.00

*For best results of hair removal allow 7-10 days of hair growth before your scheduled appointment.
*Sun exposure or tanning beds are not recommended for 24-48 hours prior to or after hair removal services.

**These are all base or beginning prices. Please remember complimentary consultations are available for all services if you have any further questions or concerns regarding any service procedure or ingredient issues.

Precision Cuts
Fabulous Colour
Conditioning Perms
The Art of Makeup
Nail Care





Gift Certificates
When looking for that perfect gift, a gift certificate will be forever appreciated. Everyone loves to be pampered. Keep it in mind.

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